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Philips LX8000XA
Creo que se merece un post aparte (para que de tiempo a aprovechar la oferta) :wink:

Acaban de poner en oferta un Home Theatre que tiene las tres B, Bueno,Bonito y Barato. Es el Philips LX8000SA ... 00sa-X.jpg

• All-in-one Integrated SACD / DVD, Digital Surround Sound Receiver
• Enjoy Superior Multichannel Wide Spectrum Surround Sound with Super Audio CD
• Enjoy Superior Video Quality with FAROUDJA Progressive Scan
• Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS, Dolby Prologic and MPEG decoding
• 275 watts (3300 watts PMPO) Total System Power
• 100 watts (1200 watts PMPO) powered wOOx subwoofer for extra deep bass
• Slim 2-way Wide Spectrum satellite speakers
• Hi-Frequency Ribbon Tweeters in support of SACD sound
• CVBS, S-Video output & Component (R/G/B) video output (Scart for Europe)
• DVD, DVD+RW, SACD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3-CD playback
• Parental control with child lock
• Full function remote control, also controls Philips TVs
• Easy to set up, color coded connections
• Aluminium speaker stands
DVD/SACD Digital Home
Entertainment System
LX 8000SA LX 8000SA
Multichannel SACD Multichannel SACD

Sound Enhancement
SACD (Super Audio CD)
Super Audio CD (SACD) is the next generation music
format that provides a more natural, ultra-high quality sound
due to the revolutionary DSD technology. It offers
consumers a smooth migration path to higher quality sound,
as all existing CDs can be played on the SACD system.
Also, the use of a hybrid disc makes the system fully
backward and forward compatible. It offers additional
features such as multi-channel sound, which delivers the
most exciting and participatory audio experience possible.
Pure sound, rich with nuance and the ambiance of alive
performance like being right in the music hall, the chapel, the
theatre or the local bar. Something you have never
experienced before!
Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Available on DVD, Laserdisc*, satellite broadcasts, Cable and
as the standard for HDTV, Dolby Digital offers the
ultimate experience in home theater surround with six
discrete channels of digital CD sound. Discrete means that
each channel carries its own sound and depending on what
happens on screen each speaker plays its own unique role in
providing the right sound. Front left, center and right join
two surround speakers to reproduce highs, mid and bass
frequencies in five full-range channels of surround. Bass
rumble, explosions and low frequency effects you feel are
delivered through a dedicated sixth, subwoofer channel. Also
known as AC-3 and Dolby 5.1, Dolby Digital delivers the
expanded sense of depth, localization and overall realism
which was formerly only known from digital surround sound
equipped cinemas.
DTS - DTS surround sound is a cinema surround sound
audio format that offers superior digital audio performance
than other available surround sound formats. DTS offer
more clarity and definition especially for higher tones. The
better sound quality is a direct result of the limited sound
compression (3:1 instead of 11:1 for Dolby Digital) and the
20-bit resolution. DTS movie and music software is available
on various DVD and CD titles.
MP3-CD Playback - Download MP3 songs from the
internet on a PC and record them on a CD. This special
"MP3-CD" can now be played on the Philips LX8000SA
Mini System. One MP3-CD can carry up to 12 hours of
6-speaker package
No less then 4 2-way satellite loudspeakers and one 2-way
center speakers to build your personal cinema on a stand or
wall-mounted with the enclosed wall-brackets. The five
speakers are acoustically specially designed to match the
tonal characteristics of the receiver. Front left, right and
center speaker are magnetically protected to prevent any
interference with television picture tube purity. The sixth
speaker is a 100 watt powered wOOx subwoofer.
275W surround power output
The five, 3x35W (left, right, center) and 2x35W (rear),
receiver amplifiers together with the 100W subwoofer
amplifier deliver 275 Watts of home theater power (6 Ohm,
1 kHz and 10% THD total harmonic distortion).
Ribbon Tweeters
Conventional cones and dome tweeters are based on a
moving coil (dynamic principle). The radiation pattern of
such tweeter will only be limited to radiate in a 180 degree
field, which means it is very directional and limited in stereo
imaging reproduction. With the ferrite ribbon tweeter,
which is typically a dipole, the high frequencies are radiated
in a full 360 degree pattern. It is producing a sound on the
front and the back at the same time. The result is a very
'open' wide spectrum high frequency reproduction which
fur ther enhances the surround experience in a multichannel
100W powered wOOx subwoofer
Subwoofers add dynamism to normal music and motion
pictures. It sets the stage for a more intense sensation. The
100W Philips subwoofer features a 6.5" wOOx based
radiator for even deeper impact. In all, the subwoofer is
sufficiently power packed to generate that cinema essential sonic sound boom.

wOOx Technology
Philips patented wOOx Technology ensures superior bass
results. The dual suspension bass radiator, together with
dedicated amplifier circuitry, is especially designed to
produce and handle high dynamic sound signals at very low
frequencies. Because of the dual suspension, the excursion
of the membrane can be extreme. This, in combination with
the symmetrical sandwich construction, provides for very
low and precise bass without noticeable distortion. The net
effect of using wOOx Technology is a tight bass sound that is
significantly "lower and louder" than conventional mini shelf

Clear Voice
Many DVD movies fail terrible on sound clarity and
transparency in the mid frequency range (1-3 kHz). This
means that dialogues are often difficult to follow, especially in
scenes with dramatic sound effects. Philips has developed a
'Clear Voice' sound algorithm that steers the digital sound
processor to extract the voice dynamics in movie dialogues
on all 5 surround channels - without compromising on the
location accuracy and the width of the surround sound.

Video Enhancement

Progressive Scan: DCDi by FAROUDJA
In its mix of high end features, Crystal Clear Pro also
integrates the 3:2 pull down Progressive Scan with which the
films are shot at a frame rate of 24 frames per second.
When transferred to a DVD, which uses NTSC system of 60
frames per second, each of the film's 24 frames must be
shown either twice or three times in an alternating
To accurately reproduce the film in progressive form, Philips
DVD analyze and detects the 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2 sequence
encoded in the DVD and re-interlace (combining the
complementary adjacent frames) them accurately into
progressive image. By using the 3:2 pull down technology,
pictures are noticeably sharper with film based material.
Even on large screens, the progressive scan lines are barely
noticeable and picture flickering is greatly reduced, so you
can extend viewing without eye fatigue.
The DCDi chip from Faroudja used by Philips has already
proven that the picture quality obtained is amazing. This
powerful display processor (DCDi by Faroudja) constantly
analyzes the sequence of the image and corrects it.
Digital inputs and output
1 digital input (cinch) foreseen to connect a digital sound
sources (e.g. DVD player, CD player and Digital TV).
Night mode
Establishes dynamic range compression of digital sound to
reduce the volume differences between the loud and soft
passages in source material with digital surround sound
where sound level differences can be so dramatic. This
feature is especially useful at night when you don't want to
disturb the neighbors or wake up the kids!
Video Connections
3 video outputs (incl. monitor) are foreseen to hook up
video sources (S-Video/Component).
Easy hook up
With color coded speaker connections for quick and easy
connection of all loudspeakers. By using distinct colors for
each of the speaker connection terminal on the speaker and
on the set, and using the same color for the cable, the
chance of faulty connection (and customer complaints) are
practically zero!
40 tuner presets with station name display
The available tuner presets can be randomly used to store
FM and MW stations (40 in total). Each of the presets can
be given a user defined name of up to 8 characters. Giving
the preset a name is as easy as 1-2-3 with the menu
Display brightness adjustment
Conveniently adjusts the brightness of the display in 2 steps.
Standby power <0.5W
To help save energy consumption, the standby transformer
of this set has been designed not to consume more than 0.5 watt in standby mode.

DVD & VCD Playback
The DVD drive plays DVD, DVD+RW and Video CD discs as well as
CD, CDR and CD-RW, MP3-CD discs recorded on a CD recorder.
The system has a full on screen display for easy set-up and
operation. Other video features are zoom, multi-angle and parental
El valor de este B,B y B es de 359.000 pesos y le quedan como 4 unidades en existencias a Falabela y ninguna a Philips Chile.
Yo me he comprado uno y sobre la calidad de imagen me ha dejado sorprendido (el sacd no lo he podido probar porque no tengo ningun disco SACD y tampoco el sonido que entrega el receiver ya que solo lo utilizo como reproductor (tengo un Onkyo 900 como receiver).
Un saludo.
Señor, veo PIXELES...................................
Felicitaciones Alfredo que bueno que te haya llegado, ya ire a conocerlo y ver que de que es capaz ese juguetito nuevo, me imagino que los parlantes no los esta utilizando o Si ??
ehhhh, Roger, no te pillo nunca conectado. Te comento que si he aprovechado algo del aparato, el subwofer lo he puesto de principal y el JB que tenia lo tengo de Surround, además he conectado 2 altavoces para "alucinar" con el EX (que gozada en el señor de los anillos). He estado leyendo reviews sobre este aparato y sale muy bien parado, sobre todo en calidad de imagen y en el sacd, aunque este último no lo he probado entre otras cosas porque solo se puede escuchar a traves del Philips ya que no tiene salida 5.1. Un saludo y cuando quieras te pasas por casa, yo también te debo una visita.
Señor, veo PIXELES...................................
Que faroudja trae?
Felicitaciones a Baidu, unico miembro del foro que lee todos los temas
HD DigitalBits Disney Club
Buenas noches, Edmundo. No se que Chip Faroudja trae, pero creo que está entre el que tiene el Q50 y el 963. Un saludo.
Señor, veo PIXELES...................................
En Abril sale la nueva linea de Panasonic y nuevamente incluiran el faroudja en algunos de sus modelos.
Felicitaciones a Baidu, unico miembro del foro que lee todos los temas
HD DigitalBits Disney Club

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